Slam Guidelines

  1. Poet must perform two of original poems

  2. Poet must perform poem within 3 minutes and 30 seconds

  3. Poet can not perform with a costume, props or musical accompaniment

  4. Poems will be judged by 5 selected judges on a 10.0 scale (up to 5 points for writing and up to 5 points for performance)

  5. Poem scores will be total on the 3 middle scores of the 5 (maximum poem score is 30.0)

  6. Poet score will be the total points from the their two poems performed (maximum poet score is 60.0)

  7. Every 10 seconds the poet performs over the time limit, 0.5 points will be deducted from the poem score

  8. Top 5 poets will be selected to be members of the FreeVerse! Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts Slam Team

 Practice Schedule for Slam Team (subject to change)

  • Tuesday, April 1st at 5pm

  • Saturday, April 5th at 12pm

  • Tuesday, April 8th at 5pm

  • Saturday, April 12th at 12pm

  • Saturday, April 19th at 12pm

  • Tuesday, April 22nd at 5pm

  • Saturday, April 26th at 12pm

  • Tuesday, April 29th at 5pm

  • Saturday, April 3rd at 2pm


We are a spoken word performance-education organization based in Lowell, Massachusetts. Founded in 2009 by four great friends and teaching artists, they share a passion for a new medium of artistic expression, spoken word, and wanted to share it with their hometown. FreeVerse! offers engaging literacy and theatrical workshops and project-based learning. Through partnerships, community building, and programming we aim to enable young people to become empowered young artists.


Our Mission | To introduce and nurture the culture of spoken word poetry in partnership with youth in the city of Lowell.

Our Vision | To become a sustainable organization that continues to provide free programming to youth in Lowell, to maintain a space to run workshops, performances, administration, and to receive funding to support its staff and youth leaders.



All programming is open to any person between the ages 13-19. No prior experience or specific skill level needed.


Workshops |
Come and join us in making new friendships and creating a community of young writers and artists. Develop strong skills in areas of poetics, literacy, writing, performance, and theatrics – or simply just be a part of the fun.

Young Folks Open Mic
Youth-organized youth performance open mic. Watch your peers host the only televised youth Open Mic in the region! Event is held on the the forth Tuesday of each month.
3pm-5pm @ LTC (246 Market St).

Slam Team
Slam is the competitive game of poetry. Each year we have two teams of five talented young poets compete to represent the FV! SLAM TEAM in regional, national, and international competitions.

FreeVerse! placed 2nd in Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts 2013

Curriculum Vitae

Team placed 2nd at Massachusetts Louder Than A Bomb, 2013.
Received Spirit of the Slam Award and Performed on Final Stage at Massachusetts Louder Than A Bomb, 2012
Performed on Final Stage at Brave New Voices, San Francisco, 2011.
Placed 1st at NorthBEAST Youth Regional Slam, 2011
Received Most Creative Award at UMass Boston Talent Show, 2010
Received Citation from Mayor of Lowell for outstanding work in community, 2009

Featured Performance
Massachusetts Poetry Festival, 2013
UMass Boston, 2010, 2013
UMass Lowell, 2012, 2013;
Dance 4 Peace, 2009-2013
Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival, 2012, 2010
The Bread & Roses Heritage Festival, 2011
Boston Book Festival, 2010
Lowell Celebrates Kerouac, 2o10

United Teen Equality Center, 2013
MassLEAP Professional Development Workshop, 2012
Lawrence High School, 2012-2014
(Re)Vision Spoken Word Summer Camp, 2012
Student Day of Poetry, 2012, 2011
Dearborn Academy (Arlington), 2012
Esperanza Academy (Lawrence), 2012
Robinson Middle School (Lowell), 2012, 2011
Proctor Elementary School (Topsfield), 2012

FV! Circle


Want to learn more? Contact us at